Super Charge Power BI – Time Intelligence

Data analysis expressions (DAX) is the data modelling language of Excel Power Pivot and Power BI. DAX language and DAX functions are the same in both Excel and Power BI and hence the knowledge is transferable between the two. The only difference is getting familiarised with the corresponding interfaces.

This book is written to give you exactly that – hands-on practice. Inside you will find explanation of the concepts, sample exercises and then practice questions and answers to maximise learning retention and experience.

Download Chapter 15: DAX Topic: Time Intelligence below:

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A Note from the Author:

I hope you enjoyed this free sample chapter of my book. For more details about where to purchase the latest edition, please visit If you purchase the book from my shop, you can use the discount coupon TimeIntelligence10 to receive a 10% discount (expires Dec 2020).

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