Survey: SharePoint Puzzle

This interesting Survey “The SharePoint Puzzle – Adding the
Missing Pieces” was given to the European SharePoint Community by

Process Used and Survey Demographics

While we appreciate the support of these sponsors, we also
greatly value our objectivity and independence as a non-profit
industry association. The results of the survey and the market
commentary made in this report are independent of any bias from the
vendor community.

The survey was taken using a web-based tool by 551 individual
members of the AIIM community between May 30th, and June 25th,
2012. Invitations to take the survey were sent via e-mail to a
selection of the 65,000 AIIM community members.

Survey demographics can be found in Appendix 1. Graphs
throughout the report exclude responses from organizations
with less than 10 employees, and suppliers of ECM products or
services, taking the number of respondents to 488.


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