The Difficulty of Office 365 Email Signature Management

Creating a company-wide Office 365 email signature isn’talways an easy process and it comes with limitations. To create a full HTML email signature using the in-built Office 365 disclaimer feature, you’ll need to have a decent knowledge of Transport Rules and HTML coding.

The in-built Office 365 disclaimer editor within the admin portal is not designed to deploy full-HTML email signatures; it is designed for plain text disclaimers, which means there are complications and limitations when trying to deploy branded email signatures for your users.

What are the limitations of manually setting up Office 365 signatures?

Creating email signatures for all Office 365 users can be done within the mail flow settings of the Office 365 admin portal. You have to create a rule to append a disclaimer to the sender’s email; if you’d like to deploy a full HTML signature you will have to paste in HTML code when specifying the disclaimer text.

If all you wanted was a plain text disclaimer on the bottom of an email thread, creating mail rules within the admin portal is all you will need. However, for full HTML Office 365 signatures on every email you send, your options are quite limited:

•Users won’t get email signatures on reply emails – only one signature will show at the bottom of an email conversation.

• You cannot test email signatures before deploying to all users.

• You cannot embed images such as logos or promotional banners directly into the signature.

• Email signatures will not be applied to emails sent from mobile devices and Macs.

• You cannot schedule email signatures based on time or date.

• You’ll need to know HTML or know someone who does.

• Users cannot see their email signature in their Sent Items folder.

In order to append HTML signatures on all email sends, including replies, you will either need to write PowerShell scripts, which can prove to be extremely time consuming, or you can use a third-party solution such as Exclaimer Cloud – Signatures for Office 365.

How can Exclaimer help?

This is where a third-party Office 365 signature management solution can help. Exclaimer Cloud – Signatures for Office 365 is the premier cloud service for centrally managing Office 365 email signatures. The solution allows you to create and manage multiple email signatures for every Office 365 user in your organization, without the hassle of creating rules or commands.

Exclaimer Cloud adds signatures to all sent emails via Microsoft Azure. That means signatures are added to email sent from any device, including smartphones and tablets. The service also allows for easy management of specific email signature elements including social media icons, promotional banners and legal disclaimers from one intuitive web portal.

What’s more, you can even delegate the responsibility of managing email signatures to someone else, such as the marketing department, and whoever does create signatures doesn’t have to be skilled in HTML.

The solution has many advantages over manually implementing Office 365 email signatures, including:

• Email signatures added to emails sent from any mail client or device

• Adds the signature under the most recent reply

• Apply a specific signature based on the recipient

• See signature while composing an email in Outlook

• And much more!

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