The ESPC22 Community Awards

We are delighted to share the news of the return of the ESPC22 Community Awards.

The ESPC22 Community Awards are designed to recognize and celebrate innovation and dedication within this wonderful community.

The ESPC22 Community Awards cover 5 different areas:

  • Most Innovative Modern Workplace Solution
  • Best Microsoft 365 Solution
  • Best Microsoft Azure Solution
  • Best Security Solution
  • Best Open Source Solution

This is your chance to shine a spotlight on your team’s achievements and receive the recognition your team deserves.

Submit your entry/entries before September 14th.

All awards will be judged by our independent Awards Judging Panel.

To enter, you must be from a European company or a company with at least one European subsidiary.

Award Categories

Most Innovative Modern Workplace Solution

Nowadays, the Modern Workplace is both the present and the future of employees’ work. This category awards the most innovative solutions built with Microsoft 365, and eventually third-party tools, to improve the employee experience in this modern and continuously changing environment. The target are solutions for collaboration, content sharing, hybrid work, the Metaverse, etc. Enter here

Best Microsoft 365 Solution

Microsoft 365 is becoming more and more a platform for building solutions that span across all the Microsoft cloud workloads. This category awards the best Microsoft 365 solutions from an architectural and innovative point of view. The target are solutions that leverage the integration between the Microsoft 365 workloads to improve productivity and inclusiveness in modern companies. Enter here.

Best Microsoft Azure Solution

Microsoft Azure is the foundation of any Microsoft cloud-based solution, whether it targets Microsoft 365 or any other context. This category awards the best Microsoft Azure solutions from an architectural and innovative point of view, also considering a mindful consumption of resources. The target are solutions that leverage and integrate various Microsoft Azure services to improve availability, scalability, performance, maintainability, and accessibility. Enter here.

Best Security Solution

Nowadays, security is a key and fundamental pillar of any modern solution. Security includes Authentication, Authorization, Zero-Trust, and much more. This category awards the best security solutions built on top of Microsoft cloud technologies. The target are solutions that integrate Azure Active Directory with external systems, or that provide really solid and strong security practices to provide a safe environment to modern workers. Enter here.

Best Open Source Solution

Open Source is the new leading trend for software development. This category awards the best Open Source solutions from an adoption, code quality, community engagement and community support perspective. The target are Open Source projects that are well-known and recognized by the community and the market. Enter here.

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