The Summer issue of The Record is out now!

The Summer 2020 issue of The Record is out now and available to view free of charge in digital format.

Business leaders and public sector officials across the globe have dealt with the challenge of maintaining operations during what has undoubtedly been the most significant event in recent world history, the coronavirus pandemic. As such, this issue looks at some of the ways that Microsoft and its partners are using technology to help customers and organisations worldwide adjust to remote working and adapt to additional challenges presented by the virus.

We talk with the corporate vice president of Microsoft’s One Commercial Partner organisation Gavriella Schuster about Microsoft Inspire and the challenge of delivering a well-established learning and networking opportunity as an online experience, and find out how she is finding the transition to working from home.

Microsoft and its ecosystem of partners have been at the forefront of a ‘Three R’ strategy of reacting, responding and reimagining, with products like Teams and Office 365 powering personal productivity for millions of workers forced out of their offices. Our cover story expands upon this subject and showcases some of the incredible work being done in enterprise, healthcare and social services delivery.

You can also learn about the effects of the pandemic on education in our public sector feature, and get insights from Jan Alexa from IDC Europe.

Throughout this edition we bring you some truly compelling examples of people from all walks of life responding to the challenges that coronavirus has presented to us all. Hopefully, some timely reminders that determination and clear vision, combined with industry-leading technology, can address even the most complex and unique problems.

We wish you well and hope that you enjoy the summer issue of The Record.

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