Time to play in Team(s)

2018 is the Year of Microsoft Teams. At GSX, we are used to working with large enterprises deploying Office 365 workloads one-by-one. Teams is definitely on the bucket list of a lot of organizations this year!

Teams is about to replace Skype in most organizations. But the service is still young. Built to offer a better alternative than Skype for Business, Teams is about to become the center of every collaboration project.

However, at the moment, apart from a SLA based on chat availability, Microsoft does not provide any guarantee on service availability of other functions, like Voice calls for example.

And people tend to think it is a big difference from the Skype for Business services. We will see that it is not always the case.

Skype for Business Online provides SLA on chat but also on Voice availability and Voice quality.

However, even if it sounds nice in the contract, you need to realize that these SLAs only cover the service delivery at the end of Microsoft datacenter and exclude any part of your network that is perfectly clean.

And as we’ve seen with our customers, 90% of the time, Voice quality issues find their root cause in between the Microsoft datacenter and the user.

So don’t be afraid of Team’s lack of SLA, they mostly won’t help you anyway.

What will help you is to be able to measure and troubleshoot call availability and quality issue for your end users in every location you have.

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And for that, GSX is the solution!

Developed with the recommendations of Gartner and Microsoft, our GSX Gizmo for Microsoft Teams allows you to deploy Robot Users in every location that will perform real Teams Voice calls. It collects the end-user experience and every critical network statistic that matters to deliver a decent service quality to your business lines.

Legend: GSX Gizmo Analytics – Teams Voice Service Delivery Dashboard

Legend: GSX Gizmo Analytics – Teams Voice Service Delivery Dashboard


With these kind of Service Quality dashboards, made with PowerBI and based on our GSX Robot Users’ data, companies can quickly identify the global availability of the service, the quality of this service when it was available and understand how the route to the cloud affects the performance delivered to the end users.

Teams, like Skype, is very sensitive to network bottlenecks and bandwidth quality. And it is by correlating these network metrics with end-user experience ones, that large enterprises can safely deploy Teams to enhance collaboration across their whole organization.

Interested in learning more about GSX Gizmo for Microsoft Teams Voice Monitoring? Watch this 1-minute video to see how GSX restores end-to-end visibility on your users’ experience.

The GSX team is looking forward to meeting you on the ESPC floor at booth 62!

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