ESPC14 Top 10 Speakers and Presentations Announced!

The top 10 speakers were chosen by over 1,250 SharePoint enthusiasts who came together to advance their skills and learn about SharePoint developments from industry experts at the European SharePoint Conference 2014.

Top 10 Speakers

Top 5 Speakers

(L-R: Rafal Lukawiecki, Sahil Malik, Geoff Evelyn, Randy Williams, Rubén Pertusa López & Sergio Carrillo Vila)

1. Rafal Lukawiecki, Project Botticelli Ltd, Ireland – Advanced Analytics for Data Big and Small

2. Sahil Malik, MVP, Winsmarts, USA – Optimizing SQL Server for Speedy SharePoint

3. Geoff Evelyn, MVP, SIT, UK – Ten Steps to Creating a SharePoint Support Model

4. Randy Williams, Avepoint, USA – An IT Pro Guide for Managing SharePoint’s BI Infrastructure

5. Sergio Carrillo Vila & Rubén Pertusa López, SolidQ, Spain – Geolocation: Improving Our BI Systems With SharePoint

Top 10 Speakers

Top 6-10 speakers

(L-R: Liam Cleary, Phillip Newman, Radi Atanassov, Chris O’Brien, Matthias Einig)

6. Liam Cleary, MVP, Protiviti, USA – Think You Can Hack SharePoint?

7. Philip Newman, Microsoft, USA – SharePoint Online Performance – Designing Your Pages to be Fast

8. Radi Atanassov, MCM, MVP, OneBit Software, Bulgaria – SharePoint 2013 App Authentication

9. Chris O’Brien, MVP, Independent/Content and Code, UK – Using JavaScript Templates To Customise the SharePoint 2013 User Interface

10. Matthias Einig, MVP, Rencore, Sweden – SharePoint Continuous Integration With TFS Online & Azure VMs

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