Top 10 Things to do in Copenhagen

Top 10 Things to do in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is full of attractions, historic sites and places to see while you are in the city. Make sure to take some time out during the ESPC18 to visit some of the top things to do in this beautiful city.

1. Tivoli Gardens

Despite its name the Tivoli Gardens is the second oldest amusement park in the world. It opened in 1843 both as an amusement park and a pleasure garden. It can be found in the heart of Copenhagen. The Nimb Hotel is located in the centre of the Gardens where you can people watch and grab something to eat. The Park has numerous rides for all ages including the Vertigo; a ride that will turn you upside down at 100 km/hr. Apparently Tivoli Gardens was the inspiration for Walt Disney for his Disneyland Park. He visited the Gardens in 1951.

2. See Some Art

Copenhagen is home to a number of Museums and Centre’s of Art that are worth investigating. Statens Museum for Kunst is Denmark’s National Gallery. It exhibits drawings, engravings and lithographs from the likes of Degas and Toulouse-Lautrec and is the home for arguably the best collection of Danish 19th Century Golden Age art. The Museum is home to contemporary works as well.

The Louisiana Museum hosts some more recognisable works and features names like Pablo Picasso, Francis Bacon and Alberto Giacometti as well as some local artists.

Finally the ARKEN Museum of Modern Art in Ishøj, not far from the city hosts regular exhibitions that can surprise, delight and challenge you.

3. Cycle Around the City

You can’t get more Hygge than taking some time out to explore the city. Copenhagen is particularly accommodating to cyclists so take time out, rent a bike and explore the city. There are several cycling tours available as well if you want to explore with the help of a Guide too.

4. The Round Tower

The Round Tower was built by Christian IV in the early 17th Century to continue the astronomical research that Denmark has become known for because of astronomer Tycho Brahe. The Tower is 36 metres high but it takes 209 meters to reach the top of which there are views of the oldest parts of Copenhagen. The Tower was often visited by Hans Christian Andersen who drew inspiration from the place.

5. The Little Mermaid and Hans Christian Andersen Fairy-Tale House

One person who is synonymous with Copenhagen is author Hans Christian Andersen. The Little Mermaid statue can be found at the Langelinie promenade on the shoreline. The statue was created in 1913, commissioned by Carl Jacobsen, son of the founder of Carlsberg. The Fairy Tale House in Copenhagen celebrates the world of Hans Christian Andersen with exhibitions of his travels, inspiration with some of the stories brought to life.

6. Kronborg Castle

A World Heritage Site, Kronborg Castle is a wonderful 15th century fortification that is now best known as the setting for Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Located in Northern Zealand, the castle has had a number of renovations over the years. It features several renaissance locations including Frederik II’s fine ballroom and the statue of Ogier the Dane. 

Museum M/S (Maritime Museum of Denmark) is located across from Kronborg Castle. Here you will experience world class architecture built below the ground.

7. Visit Nyhavn

Once a busy commercial port packed with ships, sailors, pubs and alehouses, Nyhavn is now a much more relaxed area popular with tourists. Though it still hasn’t changed too much with numerous restaurants, bars located in the area.

8. Christiania

Founded in 1971 when a group of Hippies took over an abandoned military barracks, Christiania is now today, the third most popular tourist attraction in Copenhagen. The town is home to about 800 people. It is self-governing with it’s own rules. Pusher Street is the main street in the commune (named because of the many dealers to be found there) but exploring the area further and you will find DIY houses, gardens and craft shops.

9. Explore Strøget Street

Strøget is one of the oldest and longest pedestrian streets in the world, full of Danish design. Stroll through Strøget street and discover historic fountains and buildings like the Gothic style Dragon Fountain and Copenhagen City Hall. Afterwards, take a break and enjoy some shopping in independent shops, boutiques and well-known department stores.

10. Carlsberg

Check out one of the largest tourist attractions in Copenhagen. Take a tour around the old Carlsberg Brewery – smell the ingredients while enjoying the original architecture. Treat yourself to a Danish beer!

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