Top 5 Twitter Accounts They Would Recommend the Community to Follow

Twitter is an awesome source of information which I’m tapping into sporadically. Basically checking in when time allows. Since I’m pegged as a search guy I’ll highlight some other people who know their stuff on search and whom I have in my search and rescue team 🙂

@molnaragnes Agnes has so much real life knowledge of tuning search, and she knows how to troubleshoot it. And she’s also very nice in person 🙂

@matthewmcd Matthew has some great posts on working with the search UI. He combines his demos with being a K9 trainer, so there is a lot of dogs around.

@givenscj Chris is just a ball of energy and I have no idea how he manages it all. He also has that hacker gene, digging into SharePoint bits where you really shouldn’t.. my kind of guy who loves to take stuff apart.

@jopxtwits First time I met Joris was when I taught a FAST Search for SharePoint course in Belgium. Apparently he was paying attention and seems to be doing more and more search these days. One to watch!

@coreyroth If you’re doing search development, Corey will lead the way on how to write the code. ‘Nuff said!

What Twitter accounts would you recommend? Please leave a comment below.

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