VisualSP Highlights from SharePoint Conference North America

Join Asif Rehmani, Microsoft MVP and CEO of VisualSP,  for his recap of major SharePoint announcements from the SharePoint Conference North America #SPC18.


So here I am in Vegas SharePoint conference for SharePoint conference actually back here in beautiful Vegas what a wonderful day actually. Actually this conference is happening right here in this conference center right behind me the seventh SharePoint conference of its kind but the first one completely partner let’s just co-produced by Microsoft and by SharePoint conference committee it’s gonna be a beautiful beautiful time for sure about 2,000 people are expected looking forward to it.

I’m here on the exhibit floor at the SharePoint conference at our boot VisualSP. Spoke to a lot of different boots owners over here many many major players on the exhibit floor which is great. Let me tell you a few things about what was announced here at SharePoint conference right so it’s a big big thing I think is that list enhancements imagine having links to office 65 planner and Outlook and calendar directly from your list items that it’s so beautiful so for example I put a list item there and I say that there is an actual task assign for that and it lists it links to th etasks directly in my planner for my team wonderful the same thing for calendar items etc but that’s not it that’s just a starting point for what was announced for this there’s so much more a couple more things to talk about here for example cognitive analytics.

Imagine having messaging in the actual list item we analyzed automatically by the SharePoint engine to determine the mood of the person very very cool stuff cognitive analytics I think in my opinion also an insights button so the insights gives you more analytics with in the actual list so if you have demographic information or some other information that can be charted and graphed that could appear automatic and on the right side of the list once you click on the insights button that’s not it also as far as SharePoint pages are concerned for webparts you can actually consume information into webparts from Azure services so add your information coming directly within SharePoint through webparts beautiful I think in my opinion file recommendations directly into one graph so imagine for example you go to the start page as a user and once you’re the start page automatically files are recommended to you, you know so automatically through AI capability you know exactly what’s relevant to you very important in my opinion also enhancements and co-authoring imagine that if you’re in your document and you wanted some information or some some help from somebody you just put an assign and say Laura for example you start typing Laura gets notification and she can help you she can join the conversation directly within the document the Act mentions which I think is gonna be very helpful in my opinion additional things you have a document library web part of course that’s always been there but that’s getting enhanced so it’s going to be full fidelity very much like if you’re in a document libraries so sorting filtering the capabilities like that available the dragging-and-dropping directly into the web part just much more full fidelity into that also with Microsoft teams the ability to get to your documents with a new tab and you can actually make a new tab directly within teams and that will give you a view of your document library wouldn’t just bringing it in there just having a central location more OneDrive okay so let’s talk about OneDrive a little bit OneDrive files on demand.


So imagine you are able to sync well not really to think in this case you’re actually able to view your information you’re your documents and OneDrive without needing to download them so you could see all of them you don’t need to download all of them but you can see all them and you can download on demand so OneDrive files on demand very very cool I think you also have the mobile scanning so being able to scan through a mobile device directly into OneDrive which is super super helpful and one more thing whether webpart the weather web part is coming directly and gonna be available by default within SharePoint so you can actually just pop it in there and shows your local weather

Another major announcement was regarding SharePoint spacers a very new concept. Imagine putting yourself truly in an immersive experience directly within SharePoint so let’s imagine that you’re putting hololens on your face and it’s connected to your SharePoint site and it’s got 3d objects that you can truly immersive experience. For example let’s say if you’re a company that sells camping information camping products and you have tents now you have a new person that joins the company for their on-boarding they can actually go into a tent and they can actually immerse themselves in the experience of being in the tent with the sounds and the 3d visualization putting on a hololens it’s really really cool stuff where they showed of course some of this realization into practical format it’s gonna be a while but just the capability be able to do that to have a SharePoint space that directly produces an immersive experience I think is beyond what we have seen before within this space so a lot of good information was announced a lot of good things are coming looking forward to all them.

Well the SharePoint conference is officially over I’m here in the airport’s going back home to Chicago for me that’s a good announcement I’d show up on conference like he was great all those features talking about list and search and lots of other things that are coming out they’re gonna be all coming out later this year you looking forward to it and what I’m looking forward to later this year is the ESPC – The European SharePoint Conference in Copenhagen…so see you there.

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