Watch now: Powerful Document Automation in MS 365, SharePoint, PowerAutomate, Dynamics and beyond

Real live business processes in SharePoint and Microsoft 365 need to create documents automatically. But what are the technical options you have when it comes to document automation with Microsoft 365, Teams, the Power Platform or Dynamics 365? We discuss these options, as well as pros and cons and best practices in our video. After watching the online demo, you will know how to get the job done in minutes! 

What are the challenges of document automation?

Documents are created daily in every organization, company-wide. Creating them manually using copy/paste takes an incredible amount of time and nerves and is a major source of errors.

Using VBA, mail merge or macros might reduce the number of potential errors and the intensity of manual work, but you still will not achieve complete process automation. Document generation will remain a nine to five job.

The seemingly most powerful approach companies follow, is to rely on all-in-one document generation, for example from their ERP or CRM system. This enables you to create documents around the clock but takes away your flexibility and individuality. Programming skills will be required for every little change.

The optimal solution would be to combine the intuitive and individual adaptation of documents by business users with flexible and powerful integration into any ERP, CRM or other system. 

To learn more about the different approaches to document generation and how you can solve challenges regarding this topic in your organization, check out this blog story.

But the good news is: there is a solution to simplify your document output!

See for yourself – document automation in live action (7:20)

dox42 combines the advantages of attractive document design, integrating many data sources and server-side document automation. It empowers your business users and allows your documents to become a primary means of customer communication, since they will be visually appealing, personalized and individual, while being generated automatically from various data sources and without manual effort.

In our video you will find out how you can generate documents from various data sources in different output formats with dox42. Design templates in MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint and integrate data from SharePoint, Microsoft 365, D365 and many other data sources. You will be able to get your document the way you want it: through click, through workflow, through a PowerApp or in Dynamics 365.

Learn how to create: 

Generate documents based on a SharePoint list or library and learn how to output different formats, including Word, PowerPoint and PDF.

Create a document for a newly created list item, e.g. a contract for a recently hired employee, directly from SharePoint.

Design different templates and change existing template designs in MS Office.  

Combine the best of Office 365 with Dynamics 365 through an entire quote scenario based on different modules from SharePoint and D365 and a Power Automate trigger

You are eager to learn even more about dox42 and its capabilities? Check out our #dox42classes where you will find more interesting and educational tutorials and webinars on document generation with dox42.

How do dox42 customers profit from document automation? (27:49)

Watch what companies throughout different industries have to say about dox42.

  • ABB, who relies on dox42 for generating high quality service reports and sales quotes
  • Stadt Zürich, who has greatly relieved their employees from document design tasks through dox42
  • VAV Versicherungen, who generate tailored documents for customers through dox42
  • Transgourmet, who reached the break-even point with dox42 after only four weeks

Curious to learn more and try dox42 yourself? Watch our dox42 Customer Success Story at ESPC Online or request your personalized online demo and 30 day free trial via

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