7 Deadly Sins of SharePoint: Planning Successful Implementations and Avoiding Project Failure (Level 100)

Learn the best processes for Planning Successful Implementations and Avoiding Project Failure

Presenter: Curtis Hughes, Managing Partner, C5 Insight, USA.

To start, “More than 60% of SharePoint projects are stalled, struggling, or failing, according to research conducted by AIIM. Furthermore, if the goal is enterprise collaboration, it matters most how people connect and remain engaged, not simply how products and platforms function.

Hence why, this session takes off the gloves and delivers an open discussion of why SharePoint and collaboration projects fail – and how to successfully recover. Better yet, you will learn how to set yourself up for success from the start! To conclude, Join this session if your organization is contemplating a new project leveraging SharePoint, migrating to a new version of SharePoint, or needs to recover from a problematic implementation.”

With this in mind, the key learning out comes of this webinar are: 

1. The latest stats on SharePoint and collaboration failures
2. Deadly sins to avoid on every project
3. What other organizations are doing wrong that is leading to failed projects
4. Practical habits to prevent project failures”

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