Automate blockchain workflows with the Azure Blockchain Development Kit

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Automate blockchain workflows with the Azure Blockchain Development Kit

Blockchain has captured the collective curiosity of the business and technology world for streamlining business processes, verifying transactions, and reducing the potential for fraud. This session introduces Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) in Microsoft Azure to build a secured data structure and create a distributed transactional digital ledger, on which we develop and deploy distributed apps and smart contracts.

Key benefits of watching:
During this session, we’ll be using extensively Azure Blockchain Workbench for creating a decentralized solution deployed on a blockchain network, which shares on and off-chain data and services. Focus is on automating the workflows that can be generated in Blockchain Workbench, by leveraging the Azure Blockchain Development Kit and Microsoft Flow. Since the Azure Blockchain API provides access to on and off-chain data, we’ll understand how to integrate blockchain data with PowerBI, chat bots, Azure Service Bus, Event Grid and Machine Learning as well.

Speaker: Stefano Tempesta, Microsoft RD (Regional Director) and MVP, Avanade, UK

Download the slides here: ESPC Automate Blockchain Workflows

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