Build an AI-powered Digital Asset Manager with Logic Apps, Cognitive Services & OneDrive for Business

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Presenter: Stefano Tempesta, Microsoft MVP and Chapter Leader for CRMUG Switzerland.

A common struggle:
You have searched way too many combinations of words to find the image or video you need and it is still not popping up. Keeping your content organised and searchable, especially as the number of assets grows over time, can require a lot of manual work. What if you could automatically add metadata and/or tags to any image or video you upload to OneDrive for Business and move it to the right folder with zero manual effort?

This session puts together a quick guide to show you how to build an Azure Logic Apps flow to integrate SharePoint with the image and video recognition API of Cognitive Services. Logic Apps makes it easy to integrate multiple APIs, and Cognitive Services quickly analyse images and return tags to be used as metadata.

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