Build an Automated and Confidential Supply Chain in Azure

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Build an Automated and Confidential Supply Chain in Azure

Webinar Description:
Supply chain processes often require information collected in the field to validate transactions. Think of measurements of conditions of shipped goods, including storage temperature or humidity. This data is collected by different sensors at each stage of the supply chain and validated in an immutable registry, represented by a confidential digital ledger.

Preserving privacy when processing data from multiple sources is always a challenge. Organizations may want to perform collaborative data transactions while guaranteeing the privacy of their individual datasets.

This session presents how to easily build supply chain workflows that integrate IoT devices with the Azure confidential cloud. Azure Confidential Computing adds new data security capabilities to the cloud and specifically to data processing: Transactions are validated by the execution of blockchain smart contracts to capture out of compliance telemetry measurements detected by IoT devices, and an immutable audit trail is captured in a confidential digital ledger.

Benefits of watching this Webinar:
– Get familiar with the Azure proposition for confidential computing to protect data in each stage of the supply chain.
– Understand the value of blockchain for validating supply chain conditions and recording out of compliance states.
– Learn how to define alert rules in Azure IoT Central that trigger a flow to submit telemetry data to a blockchain digital ledger.
– Understand best practices for immutable transaction log at scale and maintain the integrity of the supply chain.

Speaker: Stefano Tempesta, CTO, Microsoft Regional Director and MVP, Connecting Software, Australia

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