Complete Application Architecture with Serverless

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Complete Application Architecture with Serverless

Thurupathan Vijayakumar, Azure MVP & Technology Architect, Tiqri Corporation, Sri Lanka

Webinar Description: 
Serverless is an evolution of PaaS, it offers ephemeral computation and helps in flexibility in application development. The benefits of Serverless goes beyond the flexibility and touch areas like co-existence with any system via rich event pipeline, readily available integrations and a myriad of business services, built-in application logs and telemetry facilities, etc.

BUT, in most cases, the adoption of Serverless is limited and it is used as event triggers which work in isolation or do message passing. Serverless plays a quick sidekick role rather than being used as a main stream development platform.

Why? – Because a modern day application architecture, demands things like API surfacing, consolidation of service endpoints, stateful service applications, integrations, orchestration, etc. as Serverless platforms does not seem to be a good match in meeting these cases.

Azure Function breaks those barriers and redefines the use cases of Serverless platforms and making them the #1 choice for the modern application architecture. It provides possibilities to achieve comprehensive Serverless APIs, Serverless stateful applications (replacing actors), Serverless communication queues and many more. This session will walk you through such applications and architectural use cases of Azure Functions.

Key benefits of watching:
– Understanding of Serverless services in Azure and the future of cloud utility computing.
– Architect complete applications with Serverless : Using serverless beyond event triggered side workers and use them for the complete application design.
– Serverless as a replacement of complex microservices and actor platforms.

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