Data Visualization with SharePoint and SQL Server

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Summary of webinar:

To start, one key factor driving the self-service BI market is the growing volume and complexity of data. As a result, enterprises will adopt new interactive reporting tools designed to put more data analytics capabilities into the hands of business users.  Therefore, in this session you will learn what self-service reporting tools are available in SharePoint v. and how they can be used to create business solutions to visualize and navigate data. To conclude, learn how to meet your business needs and discover best practices implementing data visualizations.

Key Benefits of Watching your Webinar:

1. Learn to apply tradition BI features to SharePoint

Modern approvals in Office 365 with Power Automate and Microsoft Teams
2. Learn how what tools are available for creating dashboards, reports and other visualization.

3. Discover techniques for integrating line of business data in your dashboards.

Aimed at: IT Professionals

Level: Intermedate/Advanced


Paul Swider on Data Visualization with SharePoint and SQL Server

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