Democratising the Azure Governance & Security

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Democratising the Azure Governance & Security

Speaker: Thurupathan Vijayakumar, Chief Technology Officer, Aventude, Sri Lanka

Sometimes back the biggest challenge for the organizations was, how to adopt cloud (Azure). Now, many organizations are actively using/adopting cloud and their main challenge is how to govern it. Cloud governance covers many different aspects, due to the complexity and lack of clarity, often organizations put restrictive policies out of fear or they loosen up more than what is required and end up in trouble.

An organization typically faces different challenges from different stakeholders, this session is a collection of such cases and real-world solutions on how we can use modern Azure services to govern and manage things.

The following are covered
1. Azure Resource Governance in different departments of a single organization.
2. A large group of companies with a single Azure account with both centralized and decentralized IT.
3. A large group of companies with multiple Azure accounts.
4. Enabling Partners and other stakeholders outside the organization.
5. Enabling Managed Service providers.
6. Enabling external developers to involve in resource and application deployments.
7. Any few other related scenarios
8. Managing your customers being a SaaS provider.

We will look at how we can use different services like Azure ARM, Blueprints, Policies, Lighthouse, Azure Managed Service Identities, AAD, Key Vault etc. and provide the best in class experience in such scenarios.
This session will help the audience to understand the possibilities in governing access control, resource sprawl, monitoring and other IT aspects of an organization.

Key benefits of watching this webinar:
– Understanding the new services in Azure in governance and management.
– Real-world examples and use cases with demos.
– Practical problems being addressed and discussed more than a feature introduction.

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