Deploying Workflow Manager

Why not learn about Deploying Workflow Manager?

Summary of Webinar:

To start, in this webinar, you will learn how to deploy a highly available server farm of Workflow Manager, connected to Microsoft SharePoint 2013. Also this  webinar will explain you the basic architecture of the new Workflow Manager. To conclude, the requirements to deploy an HA server farm, and will show you a step by step installation through a long (about 45mins) demo of a real deployment.

Webinar Topic: Workflow, Deployment, High Availability

In addition, key benefits of watching this Webinar:

1. You will learn practically how to deploy Workflow Manager

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2. You will understand the architecture of Workflow Manager

3. You will get some note from the fields about deploying and managing the Workflow Manager

Aimed at: Developers

Level of presentation: Intermediate

Check oout Paolo twitter account here. 

Paolo Pialorsi discusses Deploying Workflow Manager

Paolo Pialorsi discusses Deploying Workflow Manager

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