Employing SharePoint-based workflows to meet the new GDPR Regulation

GDPR Speaker: Lukasz Wrobel, Vice President, CBDO, WEBCON

Webinar Description:
Implementing necessary GDPR policies and making sure they work as advertised is becoming one of the major priorities for IT executives. This webinar presents the benefits of applying a SharePoint-based workflow solution to support compliance with the regulations regarding the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in a short- and long-term perspective. We’ll look into the new obligations imposed on organisations related to processing personal data from the perspective of the IT department and its business applications.

In this webinar, Lukasz Wrobel talks on:

– creating a central personal data management hub
– controlling personal data flow within the organisation
– handling the management of a ‘GDPR incident’
– processing anonymisation/removal requests
– managing Personal Data Processing Agreements

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Key benefits of watching:
– You will learn what organisations are actually required to execute as a result of the GDPR, and how IT departments can help with the use of workflows.
– You will see how to handle the most common and critical scenarios related to the GDPR.

Also, check out this video as suggested by Lukasz.

Need more information? We also offer a General Data Protection Regulation resource page.

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