GDPR Q&A Session

GDPR Q&A Session Webinar 


Nick Brattoli, Lead Consultant at Byrdttoli Enterprise Consulting, USA
Paolo Pialorsi, MCM, MVP, Italy
Raphael Köllner, MVP, MODE, IT-lawyer, Lead Consulting Alegri International Service GmbH, Germany

“What is the role of the GDPR Activity Hub?”

“Where can I find a list of all the actions needed to be compliant with GDPR from an Office 365 perspective?”

“Which license do I need to have services like Cloud App Security, Windows ATP, Compliance Manager?”

Struggling to find the answers to your GDPR questions? Join the GDPR Q&A session with Nick Brattoli, Paolo Pialorsi and Raphael Köllner and get advice from the experts.

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