Office 365 for large sized enterprises

Firstly,  Office 365 is becoming more and more indispensable for small and loan companies. Moving to 365 comes with multiple vital benefits and key features. As well as that,  Everybody’s focal points are on the benefits (Generate greater productivity Access from anywhere with 365, Robust security) but the drawbacks are being omitted. Also,  what about the issues that the corporates are facing? In addition to this, this session will focus on all interested parties who might be interested in the whole cloud process (migration, upgrade).

Why can’t one migrate to the cloud for Public Facing Websites? What are the possible risks? Why should you think twice before designing a hybrid environment? Will Yammer play a critical factor in your cloud Migration or upgrade process? After this session, you’ll be able to know precisely what the “cloud” represents with its benefits and drawbacks, and you will be able to lead any SharePoint project, wherever it may require.

Also, the key benefits of attending include:

– Learning more about Drawbacks of Office 365
– Learning the fast-track and road-map of Office 365
– Office 365 is not a “next, next finish” ideology
– Learn to lead SharePoint projects successfully.

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Presenter: Gokan Ozcifci MVP
SharePoint Architect, Neoxy, Belgium

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