Governance Should Begin with Your Migration

Governance Should Begin with Your Migration – If you have a question you would like Christian to address during the Governance Rules webinar series then you can send it to us at:

T27- Christian Buckley

Webinar Summary: Migrations are phased, iterative activities that can be error-prone. The move itself is not your end goal – happy end users are your end goal! You may be leaving your old platform, but understand what aspects of your old governance model need to come with your data. A platform change or SharePoint upgrade can leverage much of the old, and introduce the new.

In this first webinar in the ‘Governance Rules!’ series, Christian Buckley, SharePoint MVP, will be discussing why Governance needs to start at the point of migration.  Christian will also be sharing his 3 keys to successful planning and providing insight on how to make your migration a successful foundation for future Governance strategy.

Christian has also provided a supporting article for more about this topic:  Migration is an Opportunity for Refining Governance.

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