How Microsoft Visio fits in M365 and Power BI

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How Microsoft Visio fits in M365 and Power BI

Microsoft Visio has been the premier vector graphics data visualization application for thirty years! Until now it has only been available as an extra subscription option for M365 users, but now all M365 business users get a free light version of Visio for the web!

• So, just what is the difference between that and the extra subscription Visio Plan 1?
• What extra capabilities do you get with the desktop Visio Plan 2?
• How do each of these editions integrate with each other and with the other M365 applications?
• How can each of these editions be used with Power BI?
• How can Visio users collaborate in Teams and SharePoint, regardless of the edition they have?

This webinar will answer these questions and will raise awareness of the power of Microsoft Visio within Teams and SharePoint.

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