Insight into Sales Meetings Done Smarter: Meeting Notes with Microsoft Teams and OneNote

Sasja Beerendonk, Change Consultant, Silverside, Netherlands

Teams & One Note- Webinar Description: 
At an international client, spread out across EMEA, the sales organisation wanted better insights from meetings held with large customers or resellers of their products.
They needed more alignment between the regions and countries sales meetings. The current practice meant each regional or even sub-regional team had their own way of working, with many different forms of meeting notes taking, in many different formats (Word, Excel, paper-based, or other forms), and in many locations (laptop hard drives, shared network drives). Consequently there was no single place to be able to find all sales meeting notes.
The solution? Using OneNote notebooks in each channel in Microsoft Teams where sales people share their meeting notes for that region. Subsequently each regional notebook is setup, with section groups, sections and pages.

With this in mind, key benefits of watching:

1. Learn about practical Office 365 Client Use Case: centralising sales meeting notes with Teams and OneNote.
2. Learn how to design the Team channels and tabs, structure the OneNote notebook with specific access rights for section groups and using page templates.
3. Learn how sales people went through training, and what typical current behaviour was though to tackle.

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