Introduction to AngularJS with the Microsoft Graph

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AngularJS Webinar

To start, every developer hears about Angular and all the magic it does for your applications. Furthermore, in order to kickstart your  journey, this session is an introduction to the AngularJS concepts applied to any Office 365 development. Different workloads will be targeted (Mail, Calendar, Files) and the Microsoft Graph will be our main datasource.

To conclude, As a developer, you will learn the basic concepts  and will be able to use those in an Office 365 context. You will be able to build rich applications (Single Page Application) that will speed up your development process while using your Office 365 tenant data.

Benefits of attending include;

  • You will understand the basics of the framework.
  • You will learn how to communicate with Office 365 through AngularJS.
  • You will be able to apply those new skills in your next project.

Presenter: Sébastien Levert
Development Lead, 2toLead, Canada

Check out Sebastien Twitter account. 

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