Introduction to the SharePoint 2013 Social Capabilities

With the growing popularity of social networks, it’s time to explore SharePoint 2013 Social Capabilities.

Webinar Description:

To start, in the consumer world it is clear that people heavily use social networks as places to share content and experiences. Over the last years this has been detected by the big vendors as something that must exist also in the corporate world.

To conclude, during this session we will explore SharePoint  2013 new social capabilities and we will give some hints on how to use them to improve the platform users’ adoption while improving the company knowledge sharing.

Also, the key benefits of watching this webinar

1. Learn about new SharePoint social features

2. Understand how to use them to improve adoption.

3. Understand SharePoint limitations and how to workaround them.

About the Presenter: David Martos is SharePoint a MVP since 2010 and works as CTO at Beezy ( He started working with SharePoint products and technologies about 10 years ago and has been involved in building Social Corporate Networking tools for SharePoint the last 5 years. Passionate about SharePoint, David collaborates with the community participating in forums, speaking at local events and leading the local Catalonia’s SharePoint local community.


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