Knowledge Is Power: The Rise of The Social Business

Social Business is the future!

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Webinar Description: 

To start, for over twenty years organisations have been deploying technologies that promise to change the way we work. Also, from groupware, to content management, to social. From Lotus Notes, to SharePoint, to Yammer.  Also,  yet for many organisations the benefits remain elusive.  One recent study into the use of Enterprise 2.0 technologies within a global telecommunication company concluded that achieving the goals of such technology investments will be dependent of reconfiguration and redesign of the whole socio-technical and managerial system.   Industry analysts, guru managers and the press offer visionary statements such as “Social is a philosophy, a way of life that empowers customers and users” but there’s little concrete advice or guidance for managers or executives.

In this session we’ll examine the transformational potential of  social, collaborative and content management technology in business and present a framework for realising the that potential by harmonising management approaches to Strategy, People, Knowledge and Technology.

Key benefits of watching this webinar? 

1.   Understand what “social business” really is

2.  Understand how to deliver business value from investments in social business

About the Presenter:
# An MBA and Microsoft MVP for SharePoint Server. Symon works with the some of the world’s leading organisations to develop and implement successful business strategies using Microsoft productivity and cloud technologies. A specialist in knowledge management, collaboration, social computing, and enterprise content management. Symon is a Senior Microsoft Practice Manager EMEA for Wipro Technologies, a global systems integrator and outsource provider. He works closely with Microsoft as a Virtual-Technology Solutions Professional providing pre-sales consultancy to Microsoft clients.

An international speaker at Microsoft and SharePoint events, a co-author of the SharePoint 2010 Handbook, author of the Art of SharePoint Success, and a regular columnist for CMSWire. Symon is a co-leader of the London branch of the SharePoint User Group UK

Symon is a research associate on the Doctorate of Business Administration programme at Henley Business School, his research focuses on delivering business value from knowledge related technology investments.


Symon Garfield discussing Social Business

Symon Garfield discussing Social Business

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