How to make the GDPR more operational and manageable

Webinar Description:

GDPR comes into action by 25 May 2018 – By then all organisations must be able to document that they comply with the regulation. The new data protection law has a lot of requirements when it comes down to managing of personal data.
However, most organisations still keeps a lot of personal information unorganised on shared drives and in obsolete systems. More than ever, there is a need for proper systems that can manage your business’ information flow.

Properly managing document and email management can help your organisation meet the requirements, but you need your processes in place and systems to support them.

This webinar will give you an introduction on the challenges, and suggestions for how to optimize your system and processes to become compliant.

Key benefits of viewing:

– Suggestions for how to make the GDPR more operational and manageable
– An introduction to the challenges
– Optimise your system to comply with GDPR requirements

Asger Steffensen, Product Manager & Partner, WorkPoint, Denmark

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