Office 365: Wanting to use instead of having to

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Start wanting to use Office 365!


Speaker: Sasja Beerendonk, Senior Consultant, Silverside B.V. Netherlands

Many organizations struggle with the actual use of their collaboration platform. Several research shows an effective usage of 20%. Time to change this! To increase the end user adoption of Microsoft collaboration software we present a mix of successful international concepts and methodologies in our adoption plan Change.
Change is based on a mix of successful international concepts and methodologies from the best guru’s to drive sustained transformation in how people work together in the newly emerging collaborative business.
How can we get the best out of your collaboration platform, and your people? How can we stimulate employees wanting to use Office 365, rather than having to use it?
In short: Get to work using Office 365! 

In this webinar we will present concrete adoption strategies for Office 365.

• How to get everybody to want to use Office 365 for their work?
• Start with ‘why’ (Simon Sinek)
• Applying Rogers’ theory of diffusion of innovations (adoption curve);
• Changing behavior;
• Adoption strategies for diverse groups and situations;
• Scenarios: re-thinking work.

Key benefits of attending include;
1. Understand what is needed to get users to adopt Office 365.
2. Learn about key theories and concepts to apply to your adoption strategy.
3. Get examples of some user adoption scenarios to get you started, and a free ebook download after the webinar.

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