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Webinar Description: 
A long time ago the only way to interact with SharePoint was server-side object model. Everything has evolved, and SharePoint is no exception. A lot of new things were introduced for SharePoint during the last few years. Among them a new standard for querying SharePoint objects through http protocol called REST API. With REST API you can relatively easy CRUD SharePoint or Office 365 APIs. However, managing REST queries in your code might be tricky. Normally your REST queries are just strings, you don’t have IntelliSense, auto-suggestions or type checking. You don’t have a simple and straightforward way to build your REST URLs.

Fortunately, there is a library which helps you to create smarter code with fewer efforts but greater efficiency. PnPJS is a JavaScript library, written in TypeScript, which hides SharePoint and Microsoft Graph API URLs implementation details. Instead, it provides a fluent interface to work with REST APIs, including type checking, IntelliSense, some advanced abstractions over regular tasks like caching, batching and some other interesting stuff. The library helps you to write code faster, at the same time increases readability and maintainability of your code. PnPJS is a part of SharePoint Patterns and Practices (PnP) program, maintained by Microsoft together with the community.

Key benefits of watching:
– Understand what PnPjs library is
– Learn the core features of PnPjs
– Discover the advanced features of PnPjs

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