Private Cloud with SharePoint Hybrid Solutions

Start developing SharePoint Hybrid Solutions.

Webinar Summary

Hybrid approaches refers to applications that run in the sandbox and can call out to full-trust code through full-trust proxies. Essentially, you can think of a hybrid approach as two or more distinct, loosely coupled components. The sandboxed component is deployed in a SharePoint solution package to a site collection solutions gallery, and the full trust component is deployed as a farm solution. These components are typically developed in isolation, often at different times, and a single full-trust component can be consumed by multiple sandboxed applications. In many environments, the full-trust components are built or validated by the central IT team in order to make them available to multiple sandboxed solutions. In combination with SharePoint multi-tenancy capabilities this approach is well suited to build private clouds with SharePoint.

Key benefits of watching this webinar?

1. Get an idea why it is an good idea to user sandboxed solutions internally

2. Learn how to build full trust proxies

3. Get an idea how you can setup a private cloud with hybrid approaches and multi tenancy

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