Self Service BI at work, an example of a powerful user-created report in PowerPivot

To start, users are well known to have a vivid imagination about their reporting needs. It is everyday experience the request for some kind of new report to gather new insights into the business. Also, PowerPivot and Self-Service BI aim to solve this scenario at its roots, by means of giving end users the power to build their reports by their own.

Therefore, during this session the speaker is going to show how to create a simple report that answers a pretty common question: “Of all the customers who have bought a mountain bike, how many have never bought at least one mountain tire tube?”.  To conclude, the final result is an Excel workbook that can be uploaded to SharePoint and be rendered by Excel Services, resulting in a complete reporting tool in the hand of end users.

In addition, Looking for more on the speaker? why not check out his twitter account here. 

Alberto Ferrari on creating a PowerPivot

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