SharePoint 2016 The future is Hybrid, what you need to know about SharePoint 2016

SharePoint 2016 The Future is coming.

To start, SharePoint 2016 is upon us. Furthermore, view this session to learn the latest about SharePoint 2016. Learn about how a typical SharePoint 2016 farm could look like and also  learn about the different server roles for a SharePoint server.

Therefore, learn how you can move all your indexing to the cloud with SharePoint 2016, to save on the local farm infrastructure. What is happening with the User Profile. Why should you consider upgrading to SharePoint 2016. After this, you will have knowledge to why SharePoint 2016 is such a big change to the OnPremise environment, and why you should consider creating a hybrid environment.

With this in mind, looking for more content on Hybrid? why not check out the latest Hybrid e-book here.

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