SharePoint Customer Survey Results: The State of the Hybrid SharePoint Ecosystem

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Webinar Description:
Join Microsoft MVP and CollabTalk Founder, Christian Buckley (@buckleyplanet) and PixelMill Founder, Eric Overfield, MVP (@EricOverfield) as they share some of the results of a recent survey measuring the state of the Hybrid SharePoint ecosystem. This independent research was conducted by CollabTalk ( and the Marriott School of Management at Brigham Young University, and was sponsored by Microsoft, PixelMill, B&R Business Solutions, and other leading Microsoft partners with the goal of putting definitive numbers around hybrid.

Key benefits of watching:
1) Understand the primary drivers and benefits of hybrid, according to customers leveraging a hybrid strategy.
2) Also understand the primary pitfalls identified by the community, allowing you to mitigate any risks.
3) Hear best practices for how to take advantage of the latest cloud-based features while still leveraging your existing infrastructure

Download the full report here.


Eric Overfield discusses SharePoint Ecosystem Christian Buckley discusses SharePoint Ecosystem
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