Do more with SharePoint by leveraging unstructured data

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Do more with SharePoint by leveraging unstructured data

Join Scott Mackey, Senior Vice President, Customer Experience and Luis Aguilera, Solutions Consultant, Adlib Software, Canada.

Whether ingesting content as part of a migration or managing data for business as usual, getting the most from your SharePoint environment is critical. This means having high quality data that is classified, searchable and ready for fuelling business intelligence and process automation. However, attempting to manually enrich and categorize the vast amounts of data your organization generates is not realistic given the sheer volume of time, money, and resources required.

Join us on this webinar to learn the best practices for governing data within SharePoint and watch a hands on demo on how to turn unstructured content into text searchable, high-fidelity assets right from within SharePoint.

Key benefits of watching:
– How to improve data quality and accessibility in SharePoint
– How to ingest data from multiple sources into SharePoint
– How to improve the value of data in SharePoint by removing Redundant, obsolete and trivial (ROT) data

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