Successful Migration to SharePoint 2013 – Planning Considerations & Migration Strategies

Start developing successful Migration Strategies today!

Developed to address productivity challenges, Microsoft SharePoint is an easy-to-use integrated suite of collaborative tools and functions. In its latest version, SharePoint 2013, Microsoft has added even more innovative features to transform the way knowledge workers collaborate in the enterprise. Many organisations, however, are still searching for simple and reliable ways to consolidate existing content from various legacy content repositories onto its latest release. This session will discuss some of the recommended migration approaches to most effectively transfer content onto SharePoint. For most organisations, migrations can be an opportunity to start fresh by revaluating system and governance and compliance, and ensuring information architecture and access policies support a comprehensive risk management lifecycle.

Learn about:

  1. Planning considerations for an effective migration strategy, and key pitfalls to avoid
  2. Maintaining consistent service levels before and after migration
  3. Solutions to optimise the migration of content from disparate data repositories such as Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange Public Folders and Documentum eRoom

Join us for an engaging and informative session, and learn about key considerations to ensure a successful SharePoint 2013 migration project.


Abi Onifade on Planning Considerations & Migration Strategies

Abi Onifade on Planning Considerations & Migration Strategies

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