Whitepaper – A Governance Guide for Hybrid SharePoint Migrations

As part of Business Value Month we were given this whitepaper by Quest . Quest are Platinum Sponsors for the European SharePoint Conference 2013.


Effectively managing enterprise content is a growing challenge for organizations today. Cloud-based computing represents a powerful new option, offering increased flexibility, efficiency, and reduced cost for IT infrastructure, data storage, and applications. However, for a variety of business and technical reasons, most organizations will take a phased approach to adopting cloud-based services, which will require them to continue to maintain their on-premises SharePoint environments during the transition.Therefore, many organizations will have, at least for a time, a “hybrid” SharePoint deployment – one in which they must partition the capabilities of business applications across both their on-premises environment and a cloud-hosted environment. Investing in maturing a strong IT governance model will be essential to managing those hybrid deployments effectively.

This white paper discusses some of the benefits and risks of hybrid SharePoint deployments, and presents governance considerations that are essential for ensuring a successful migration.

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