Why Now is The Time to Plan your SharePoint Migration

From document management to company intranet portals, SharePoint forms the basis of collaboration for many organisations with 80% of Fortune 500 companies using SharePoint. As a business-critical solution, Microsoft have continually invested in the leading content management platform releasing multiple versions over the years to better meet the needs of the ever-changing business landscape. With SharePoint 2013 recently reaching its end-of-life support date in April of 2023, the time to look towards migrating to SharePoint online is a question of when not if.

Migrating to cloud-based business systems is a priority for organisations wanting to reduce costs, strengthen security and take advantage of new cloud-based functionality. While many organisations who have been using SharePoint for years deployed it as an on-premise solution, SharePoint Online allows organisations to future-proof their business with an evergreen technology.

With SharePoint 2013 having reached end of life this year, organisations still running this platform are exposing themselves to unnecessary risk and should take action immediately. Newer on-premise versions of the platform, SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint 2019, are set to reach end-of-life in 2026. Even though this date is a while away, organisations running these on-premise versions are still urged to begin planning for migration to the cloud, particularly where the organisation has a complex SharePoint architecture that has been customised over the years. Often organisations underestimate the amount of time required for such complex migrations and find themselves reaching the end-of-life date without having the migration completed in full.

To help organisations start planning SharePoint migration, Storm Technology have created an eBook ‘Out With The Prem, In With The Cloud: Why Organisations should start planning their SharePoint Migration,’ which covers:

– Why the Urgency with End-of-Life Support?

– Advantages of cloud-based SharePoint Online

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– Considerations for Planning Your Migration.

To access this free eBook, please visit: https://www.storm.ie/landing-pages/sharepoint-migration-ebook-oc/

About the Author:

Conall is the Modern Workplace Practice Manager at Storm Technology, a leading Microsoft solutions partner based in Ireland. Conall has over 15 years industry experience working with many leading brands in the Irish market, leading successful project teams while helping clients transform processes and improve collaboration across the Microsoft 365 technology stack.

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