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Why Speak at the European SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure Conference 2019?

At ESPC19, we will bring the community together across four special days in Prague, Czech Republic. These four days will include an array of formats, from tutorials to keynote sessions. The European SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure Conference is the leading event of its kind in Europe. Developers, End-Users, IT Professionals, Business Decision Makers and many more come together to learn, network and be inspired. If you have not considered speaking at ESPC19, then you should read the following.

1 – Share Accumulated Knowledge
Speaking at a conference like ESPC is an amazing chance to help drive the profession forward, to share ideas and experiences and gain new ones in return. Your unique set of experiences, insights and oftentimes, solutions, might hold the key to great value for your peers and help spark new opportunities and better practices.

2 – Speakers like to Meet other Speakers
Network with other Rock Stars from the SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure world. Connect and share ideas with professionals at the very top of their game, including MVPs, MCMs, Microsoft USA & Europe.

3 – Network
When speaking at a conference, you have an excellent opportunity to network with attendees. Apart from the speaking slot you are assigned, you have the chance to meet with members of the community throughout the conference and attend events such as scheduled conference parties, which offer a relaxed environment for networking.

4 – You May Know Better
Have you ever been to a conference and felt unhappy at the quality of the person speaking? Have you sat there thinking ‘this is not the level I need’? Chances are you are an expert in your area and have valuable insights to share. The European SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure Conference is your place to showcase this expert knowledge.

5 – It’s Good Karma
You have to give freely while letting go of thoughts of receiving back. It may not come back from the same source you give, but it will come back to you tenfold from other places. When you sincerely give freely, you will receive (Marcella, 2015).

6 – Learn New Knowledge from Many Fellow Professionals at Once
Your audience will often share their own experience with technology you are speaking about and other solutions they have used. In turn this expands your own knowledge, context and ideas for what’s happening across the community.

7 – Learn from other Speakers
By attending the European SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure Conference 2018 as a speaker, you also get to learn from the presentations of other speakers, across a host of topics and important areas.

8 – Take Recognition for your Hard Work
Chances are, you are currently using many open-source frameworks and libraries. At ESPC we encourage the authors of these tools to become speakers. To us, you are the celebrities in this domain, and it’s a win-win: we will promote you as ‘the creator of X’ and you get recognition for your hard work and raise your own profile.

9 – Boost your Profile
Speaking at a leading European conference will super charge your LinkedIn profile and add kudos to your résumé. As Europe’s biggest SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure Conference, the is an amazing platform for any person to reach their audience and grow their profile, but also career prospects by really showcasing and sharing expertise.

10 – Your Personal Brand
Just like blogging can be great for your brand, so can conferences. Why? Because people get to see and interact with you (Patel, 2017).

11 – Docendo discimus
According to Wikipedia, Docendo discimus is a Latin proverb for “by teaching, we learn”. Perhaps derived from Seneca the Younger (c. 4 BC – 65 AD), who says in his Letters to Lucilius, Book I, letter 7, section 8: Homines dum docent discunt. “Men learn while they teach”. This saying has become an educational motto across the world, representing a win-win, where both teacher and listener learn together.


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