Workflow Shootout at the European SharePoint Conference

One of Michael Greth’s highlights at the European SharePoint Conference was the European SharePont Workflow Shootout. Take a look at what Michael had to say –

We had three companies (Nintex, K2, datapolis) set of 4 tasks to which they should think in 5 or 10 minutes a solution. Andrei Cathedral of our User Group as a moderator of the session Düssseldorf was the perfect setting. Their were three companies involved

Andrew Murphy
MIke Fitzmaurice
Pawel Wrobel (DataPolis)

The audience got three different solutions shown to them and were thus able to compare the different approaches. A perfect blend of expertise and entertainment dose.

Pawel Bujakdata from the polis Shootout has been recorded on video and an excerpt online at Vimeo.

SharePoint Shootout – Task 1. from Pawel Bujak on Vimeo.

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