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The intelligent workplace with Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 empowers individuals, teams and organizations to be creative, collaborative, and effective with an integrated suite of experiences that are simple, superior, smart and secure. Explore the latest innovations and solutions for content collaboration, teamwork, process transformation, employee engagement & communications, and knowledge sharing & discovery. Learn how the experiences in Microsoft 365–including SharePoint,… READ MORE

Modernizing my Summer Cabin with Azure

Azure has so many services, capabilities, and offerings, that it’s hard to keep track of everything. Instead of trying out each service every month, it’s often better to start building and learning on the way. Jussi used Azure to modernize his summer cabin. In this session, he showcases multiple solutions, the thinking, and problems he… READ MORE

6 Reasons for Office 365 Backup

Many people struggle with the understanding of whether or not Microsoft fully protects their Office 365 data. In this session you will gain an understanding of what exactly Microsoft provides, and what they do not. You will also learn 6 critical reasons why organizations need to back up their Office 365 data, as well as… READ MORE