[CASE STUDY] How the CoE Starter Kit can help you deliver a governance model that works

Join Senior Solution Architect Kieran Holmes (Capgemini) and Lead Product Manager Emma Shaw (Defra UK) as they talk through how they have introduced an effective governance model for ~30,000 users on the Power Platform, utilizing and extending Microsoft’s Centre of Excellence Starter Kit.

In this session they will provide real-world insights into what a governance model for Power Platform looks like, why they believe everyone needs one in order to scale effectively, and how to get started designing one for your organisation.Hear how the CoE Starter Kit is a good first step towards achieving governance, but how it is very much a ‘starter’ and relies on YOU to maintain, extend and update it as a product (not a project!).

They’ll highlight their favourite bits available out-of-the-box and talk about where they have extended the tooling to meet Defra’s needs.

Finally, they will share their lessons learned and the valuable things they know now, that they wish they knew at the beginning of the journey – saving you time and headaches!

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  1. How to design a governance model that works
  2. How to extend Microsoft’s Centre of Excellence Starter Kit
  3. Our big lessons learned (to save you time!)
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