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We are Bringing the Inspire Stage to EPPC!

Welcoming the Inspire Stage to Brussels

Since the Inspire Stage was such a huge success at ESPC in Amsterdam last November, and since it was such a hit with the community – we have decided to bring the Inspire Stage to Brussels this June!

What is the Inspire Stage?

A development and wellness stage – the Inspire Stage is a dedicated space within the conference program that focuses on personal and professional growth, as well as promoting overall well-being. This stage is designed to provide attendees with opportunities to learn, reflect, and engage in activities that contribute to their development and overall sense of wellness.


This part of the stage aims to offer attendees lightning talks (30 mins), panels, and talks that focus on skill-building, career advancement, personal growth, and educational opportunities.

These sessions are geared toward enhancing attendees’ knowledge, capabilities, and effectiveness in various aspects of their personal and professional lives. 

This part of the stage will host the “Ask the Experts”. Here you have the chance to meet with an expert and ask any questions you may have. We will have experts ready and available to help you on Licensing, Governance and Microsoft Copilot. We also have a special talk hosted by IAMCP on how to grow your partner practice.

The wellness component of the stage is dedicated to promoting attendees’ physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Sessions in this category will include discussions about work-life balance (how to do it all in the time available), mental health awareness, and strategies for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

The goal is to provide attendees with tools and information to better manage their overall well-being, which in turn can contribute to their success and satisfaction.


Ok.... tell me the details!

When: Wednesday & Thursday (12th & 13th November) 

Where: Inspire Stage, Expo

How: Its all included as part of your EPPC Ticket! If you haven’t booked yours yet, what are you waiting for? 

What Will I Learn?

Session – 30 Minutes
Ask the Experts about Licensing
Chris O’Brien, Chris Huntingford & Nick Doelman
Meet the IAMCP – How to Grow your Partner Practice
Chris Debyser & Patricia Maia
From Career to Care: Finding Balance after Breast Cancer
Sara Lagerquist
Ask The Experts about Power Platform Governance
Antti Pajunen, Michael Roth, Aaron Rendell & Jake Harvey
How To Talk About Mental Health At Work (Without Tanking Your Career)
Dona Sarkar
Ask The Experts about The Rise of Copilot in the world of Power Platform
Yannick Reekmans, Jussi Roine, Sara Lagerquist & Chris O’Brien
AI Hackathon Results
Daniel Laskewitz, April Dunnam & Dona Sarkar
D&I – Leadership and Networking
April Dunnam

Need more information? Check out the programme for full details!

Find the times and dates for these wellness and development sessions and more in the full programme. 

EPPC24 will offer an extensive programme, featuring 10 full day pre-conference Tutorials, over 120 sessions, and an opportunity to connect with more than 2000 peers. With a wide range of activities and resources available, you’ll have ample opportunities to find solutions, achieve your objectives, make meaningful connections and most importantly grow together at EPPC24 in Brussels!

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