Asif Rehmani, MVP, MCT

Asif is the Founder and CEO of VisualSP ( which provides an interactive guidance system to support end users in context of their own environment. This system is currently available to over 2 million end users around the world to help them get their jobs done.

Asif is very focused on digital adoption and digital transformation of organizations. Simply stated: how to get the best use out of the technologies in your organization and help your employees get the best experience along the way.

Asif has been training, consulting and mentoring on Microsoft technologies since 2002. He has authored several books over the years for Wiley publications. Asif has also been a speaker at conferences since 2006 on numerous topics. He resides in United States, but has performed speaking engagements in several places around the world such as Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, UK, Sweden, Ireland, Canada and more. Asif has been a Microsoft MVP since 2007.

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