Jon Gilman

I have always been passionate about fixing broken processes, whether it’s at home or at a Fortune 500 company. I started my career as an SAP ABAP developer at Accenture, implementing SAP at some of the largest organizations in the world. I found myself constantly developing productivity tools for my customers both in SAP and Excel to help them accelerate business processes.


In 2012, I founded Clear Software after creating a configurable product that accomplished the same productivity goals as my custom software development. Today our Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) platform enables organizations to streamline core business processes across software such as SAP, OracleEBS, Salesforce, and many other cloud and premise applications. Clear Software was acquired by Microsoft in October 2021.

At Microsoft, I am responsible for creating exciting content in the Power Platform that enables enterprises to accelerate their time to value when digitally transforming their business processes.

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