Théophile Chin-nin, MVP

As a Microsoft Power Platform technical specialist, and Microsoft Business Application MVP, I help organization to get the most out of Microsoft Power Platform.
With 10+ years of experience in Microsoft ecosystem, most of them building business applications with low-code platforms and enhancing collaboration, I work today exclusively on Power Platform.
I help my all kind of organizations, SMB as well as multinationals to:

– Secure and Govern their Power Platform. With customized CoE StarterKit we collect and analyze Power Platform artifacts, define environments strategy and secure the platform by defining appropriate Data Loss Prevenion Policies.
– Design, develop and maintain their Power Platform solutions. Using Dataverse or SharePoint as a datasource, I develop Solutions with Canvas Apps, Model-driven apps, Cloud Flows and hybrid technical architecture with Azure PaaS products.
– Train their IT Pros, developers or citizen-developers to build business solutions using Power Platform.

Speaker and Organizer @ aMS Community
Speaker and Organizer @ Biz Apps French Community

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