Inogic, Microsoft Global ISV Partner, has been at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge applications and services tailored for the Dynamics 365 CRM/Power Platform ecosystem.

Maplytics: Your Geo-Analytical Mapping Solution

Our flagship offering, Maplytics, is a 5-star rated geo-analytical mapping application, the first and only certified software on AppSource in the category. Maplytics harnesses the power of Location Intelligence into Dynamics 365 to provide businesses with a suite of features designed to drive sales performance and amplify marketing efforts. With capabilities like multi-language support across devices, optimized routing, advanced and recursive appointment scheduling, comprehensive proximity search, heat map analysis, census data integration, pushpin customization, real-time tracking of reps, and advanced territory management, Maplytics is the perfect partner to enhance the implementation of Dynamics 365 & a tool of choice for organizations aiming to navigate the market with precision and insight.

A Suite of 15+ Microsoft Preferred Co-sell Ready Productivity Apps

Inogic also has a portfolio of over 15+ Microsoft Co-sell ready Productivity Apps available on Microsoft AppSource. This diverse collection includes file storage and SharePoint user privilege management apps, sales playbook apps, gamification and user adoption apps, visualization apps, productivity and efficiency increasing sales enablement apps like 1 click to export/clone/restore, integration apps (Mailchimp, QuickBooks, and WhatsApp and SMS), subscription and billing management apps, and automation apps.

Professional Services

Inogic, with over 150 experts, delivers tailored Dynamics 365 CRM solutions, Future-ready Copilot-enabled Power Platform apps that boost productivity, and Techno-functional Consultancy to further help organizations that use Dynamics 365 / Power Platform. With Azure OpenAI and Copilot Studio Developments, Inogic streamline your business with the latest technology for peak efficiency and productivity.

Discover how Inogic can transform your Dynamics 365 CRM / Power Platform user experience.

Visit us at Inogic or reach out directly via email at for a personalized consultation.

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