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Diversity & Inclusion
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Becoming authentic, always learning and mastering our power skills are mantras for the modern professional. But how?

We are very excited to bring 3 wonderful Diversity and Inclusion themed sessions to you at The European Power Platform Conference.

Join Heather Cook, Principal PM, Microsoft Power Platform & Dynamics 365 Community, Microsoft and Dona Sarkar, Director of Technology for Microsoft Accessibility, Microsoft as they host guided workshops in our Demo Area on Leadership, Networking, and Mentoring so you can build confidence in these areas.

Heather and Dona will also dive into new programs regarding how to best leverage and join Microsoft Community programs and platforms.   

Community Leadership Session

15:15 Wednesday

Dona and Heather will discuss how showing respect, empathy, and kindness to those you work with builds trust across your team. We will discuss tactics for establishing your base of knowledge in your field, how to give your team autonomy, how to build authentic communication and how to lead with compassion, all of which are tools for becoming a great leader.

Community Networking Session

14:15 Wednesday

Dona and Heather will discuss networking skills for both introverts and extroverts. Explore ways to be comfortable in those first-time meetings and deepen your existing professional relationships. Networking is about listening as much as it is about talking. We’ll look at how to create your “why” elevator pitch and a list of tactics to take with you for all your networking moment.

Community Mentorship Session

14:15 Thursday

Dona and Heather will discuss the benefits of both being and having a mentor. Having an outside eye to your career from both perspectives is crucial to your growth. Do you have a personal career “Board of Directors”? Anyone who’s ever participated in mentoring will tell you that, “We learn when we teach and we teach when we learn.” We’ll share our experiences in mentoring and setting up those circles of trust for yourself.   

Meet our Diversity and Inclusion Leaders

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