AI choices for apps and automation in 2023 – understanding AI Builder, Azure Cognitive Services, Microsoft Syntex, and Azure OpenAI

Understanding the AI landscape is becoming more important than ever – even traditional organisations are starting to ask how AI could help in their apps and processes. Power Platform fans could be forgiven for thinking AI means AI Builder, but considering the wider Microsoft 365 and Azure AI toolbox provides many more options and integration into Power Apps and Flows is far simpler than you would think.

Starting with the business challenge or opportunity is important. Basing our discussion on common scenarios, we’ll explore the strengths, implementation approach and likely costs for AI Builder, Azure Cognitive Services and Microsoft Syntex. Through a series of demos we’ll see what it’s like to weave each option into your solution and the key decision points to choose between each.

But no conversation about AI in 2023 is complete without bringing in ChatGPT. We’ll explore the relevance of the new kid in town, Azure OpenAI – the Microsoft-hosted version of GPT and Codex which you can integrate with your apps and processes, allowing you to bring in Large Language Model processing which is currently fooling school teachers and bosses with amazingly human responses to all sorts of requests. We’ll explore capabilities, the API sign-up process and what integration looks like.

Whether you’re technical or non-technical, this session is intended to better equip you for the AI considerations and conversations to come.

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